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Our professional locksmith company provides all residential services required by homeowners, from fixing locks and keys to replacing them, we do everything quickly and with maximum precision.

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Every home has at least one lock which is used every day. The frequent use together with the harsh outdoor environment will inevitably lead to wear and tear and sometimes to premature damage too. Accidents such as lost house keys are not uncommon either. In all of these situations, our company is available to provide a swift and effective resolution. Count on our residential services completely. We work with absolutely all types of locking devices. The brand, design, make and age are completely irrelevant when it comes to the quality of the service that you will receive. In addition to fixing locks, our skilled technicians can replace them with new ones on an urgent or scheduled basis.Residential Locksmith in Illinois

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You're having a hard time turning the key properly. You have to use extra force to ensure that it is fitted in the keyway and that it moves properly. Even when the key turns, you can feel resistance and strange sounds. These are the most common symptoms of damage and malfunction. Let us eliminate the problem at hand, swiftly, via our lock repair service. Our technician will arrive promptly and run inspections and tests to identify the cause of the problem. Then the most effective repair technique will be used for dealing with it. Each component is handled with care and adjusted with precision. Only technologically advanced tools are used for the job. If the lock is dirty, it will be cleaned. If it is dry, it will be lubricated. At "Locksmith Wood Dale", we do everything necessary to achieve the best results. 

After a long day at work, you search hard for your keys only to discover that they are not around. It is really frustrating to get into a house lockout situation, but you can count on us to help you out. You will receive professional emergency assistance quickly. One of our technicians will come and open the door for you straight away without causing any damage to it. All of our lockout opening techniques have proven results and safety. The best one is chosen depending on the type of lock which is used. The cause of the lockout is dealt with on the spot as well. In case of lost keys, rekeying is your best option so that no intruder can unlock the door using the missing item. You will receive replacement keys that will work with the reconfigured lock while all old ones will become useless.

A serious accident or a break-in attempt can leave you with a completely broken lock. Even if the damage is internal and not clearly visible, the device will simply not operate. In this situation, count on us for residential lock change. You will receive a brand new device that offers the optimal level of security and it will be fitted for you swiftly. You are welcome to use our replacement service on a scheduled basis for the purpose of upgrading to a more advanced lock. This will help you to keep your home properly protected at all times.

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